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    EssayHelp is a service providing essay help UK to students who are struggling to write their essays on their own.  Essays can prove to be difficult and students tend to struggle with them. We were just a bunch of writers in the beginning who grouped together to form the organisation in 2013, and since then we have grown into a business providing essay services to students.

    EssayHelp has been helping out students for years. Our writers are adept at their job and provide high quality essays. We write essays on all kinds of topics and aim to help every student that we can.

    What is the Importance of getting Essay Writing Help for managing essays?

    Students are taught a multitude of courses during university. These students are given essays to write according to the topics they are taught. Students find it hard to write multiple essays as each essay is different.

    Some students struggle with understanding what type of essay they’re supposed to write. The key to a good essay is the structure. The introduction, body and conclusion should be distinguishable from each other. All three components must contain the appropriate knowledge.

    What is the general structure of essays?

    The main structure of an essay consists of three components:

    1. The introduction
    2. The body
    3. The conclusion

    The introduction is the start of the essay and usually establishes what the essay is about and the main contents of it. The introduction should be eye-catching so that the reader’s interest is peaked when reading it.

    The body is the main component of the essay. It discusses the problems and the solutions, along with the arguments made for and against the case. The writer is also supposed to give their own input and support their argument while citing all the sources.

    The conclusion is the end of the essay. It reaffirms the writer’s views and gives a brief explanation why. The conclusion also provides a brief summary of the essay and its contents. The conclusion should be to the point.

    What are the major types of essays assigned to students?

    Students are given various types of essays to broaden their thinking. Some of these essays include:

    • Argumentative essays
    • Persuasive essays
    • Compare and contrast essays
    • Descriptive essays

    These are just a few types which are commonly given. There are many other types of essays as well.

    All the different types of essays combined with the different topics can prove to be difficult for students. In addition to this, students mostly have multiple essays to write at once. These essays take time to research and write and writing multiple essays can be a daunting task.

    When Do Students Consider Hiring An Essay Writing Service UK Based?

    An increasing number of students have turned to hiring one essay writing service UK based or the other.  Every student is unique and not all students face the same problem but there are some reasons which are more common compared to others. Some of these reasons include:

    • Being behind on the essay submissions and not finding the time to write an essay before the deadline.
    • The failure to recognise what type of essay that is required to be written.
    • Not having a command over the English language resulting in weak writing skills.

    A number of students either put off writing their essay until it is too late or they’re just lazy. This ends with the deadline being too close and the student not having time to write the essay. Some students just cannot figure out what type of essay they’re supposed to write or what the question is asking them. They keep fretting over it until it’s too late. Foreign students usually do not speak English too well, let alone write it. They almost always end up needing the help of an Essay Writing Service UK based.

    What should students ask from a UK essay writing service before hiring it?

    Having someone write your essay is something that’s very attractive to students but it is also scary. Students have a lot of questions about hiring a service to write their essay for them some of which include:

    • Does the service provide original content?
    • Will the essay be delivered before the submission deadline?
    • Will the personal information stay confidential?
    • Will the essay be written by a professional writer?

    Students have the right to be a little worried when hiring a UK essay writing service. They have legitimate concerns and they are within their right to satisfy these concerns. The most common questions if is the content is copied or original. Students are also concerned if the essay will be delivered before the deadline as that’s the reason they turn to an essay writing service in the first place.

    Few students are also concerned about their information staying private. They may not want anyone to know that they’ve had their essays written by a professional. They’re also concerned if the person writing their essays is a qualified writer or not. Do they even know how to write a university level essay?

    Brace Yourselves For The Best Essay Writing Service UK Based Available Online!

    EssayHelp provides any and all kinds of services a student may need. We have been operating since 2013 and we came into existence when we realized that there are a lot of students who struggle with their essays. We aim to help out these students by writing their essays and also editing their written essays so that they achieve decent grades. The following points make us perhaps the best essay writing service UK based:

    • Essay writing from expert writers.
    • Proofreading and editing by PHD editors.
    • 24/7 customer support to reach us any time
    • Highly affordable rates within your budget
    • Complete confidentiality
    • Original and unique essays

    How You Can Get Assistance From Qualified Essay Writers in UK?

    We have made the order process simple so that students can avail the help of essay writers in UK as easily as possible. It is simple and guided so that it takes students as little time as possible to place an order. The process is as follows:

    • The student places their order through the live chat, phone or order form.
    • In case the order is placed through order form then the student is contacted for a follow up.
    • Once the order is confirmed it is forwarded to the research department for discussion
    • After the order has been discussed, a writer is assigned to it.
    • A rough draft is prepared and sent to the customer for approval.
    • If no revisions are to be made then the draft is completed and finalised.
    • When finished, it is sent to the Quality Control unit for Q/A.
    • The PhD editors perform the Q/A and ensure that the essay is error-free and original.
    • The order is then ready to be delivered to the customer.

    Our team of excellent writers provides quality content. Each essay goes through a quality check to ensure the essay is original and according to the customer’s requirements.

    British Essay Writers Available At Your Disposal!

    Our team of British Essay Writers specialise in writing essays for universities in the UK. They are also available for private consultancy for students who do not have an idea. They are extremely helpful and helpful in every way possible. Take advantage of our services right now by placing an order or heading over to the live-chat and discussing your problems with our representatives who are available 24/7.


    Do you have qualified British essay writers in your panel?

    Yes we do. Our panel is made up of native essay writers from Great Britain and all of them are highly qualified and experienced in writing essays. These writers were hired after strict interviews where they were tested in a lot of aspects. Only the best were chosen to be a part of our team. These writers also receive regular trainings so that they remain updated of the latest requirements of the universities with regards to writing essays.

    How can I avail online essay help from you in my budget?

    If you want to avail our services, all you have to do is contact our Customer Support Team through the Live Chat or contact information provided and simply communicate all of your requirements to us. You can place an order for an essay as you like from the Order Form available on every page, or you can get your essay proofread and edited. You can check out our packages and select whichever suits your budget, and you can also contact us to have a custom package devised as per your budget. Our services are highly affordable so you can rest assured that you will not have to compromise on your budget.

    What makes you the best essay writing service UK based?

    We have been operating since 2015, and since then we have provided quality essay services to plenty of students. We do not claim ourselves to be the best, but we can ensure that you will never regret hiring our services. You can check out from the testimonials on our website that most of our clients were pleased with our services. For further information, you can contact us through the Live Chat or Contact Information provided.